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MD-500Cessna 406-fleetPIK-16 Vasama
MD-500, a five seat
Turbine Helicopter
C-406 Fleet PIK 16 Vasama

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Since 1962, I fly Glider started 14 years old at Koblenz-Karthause/Germany. Later as a teen I made the Privat Pilot Licence followed by Commercial Pilot Licence on engine driven aircrafts. Too lazy for other work, I went into the Flying Business as Instructor and Pilot, working all day and most weekends up to 14 hrs for more than 10 years.

Thereafter I decided to change (not my job as a pilot but the geographical location) and got a job as Chiefpilot in the deepth of Africa. From this time I can tell a lot of stories, but I will not .... because only people which have been there will believe ....

out of Africa ...

.... some impressions from West-Africa ....

After the return to Europe I joined the Airliner Business and fly the following one still today ...

Samedan, St. Moritz/Switzerland

BAe 146 in approach into Samedan, St. Moritz/Switzerland....

Byside of the Captains Job I fly Helicopter and (still most favourite) on the days with good weather Gliders.

If you have ever the opportunity to get a ride in a glider - do it !!

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